Linda black-and-white skirt

Material: artificial silkSize: M/LWeight: 250g..

40.00€ Ex Tax: 40.00€

Linda gris skirt

Material: artificial silk/laceSize: MWeight: 200g..

40.00€ Ex Tax: 40.00€

Linda naranja set

Material: artificial silkSize: MWeight: 250g..

65.00€ Ex Tax: 65.00€

Linda negra skirt

Material: artificial silk/laceSize: SWeight: 200g..

40.00€ Ex Tax: 40.00€

Linda rosa skirt

Material: artificial silk/laceSize: XS/SWeight: 250g..

40.00€ Ex Tax: 40.00€

Lisia black-and-white

Material: knitted fabric/art.silkSize: S/MWeight: 275g..

100.00€ Ex Tax: 100.00€

Lote floral

Material: cotton with elastanSize: S/MWeight: 250g..

42.00€ Ex Tax: 42.00€

Luiza marina

Material: knitted fabric+laceSize: MWeight: 150g..

30.00€ Ex Tax: 30.00€

Magdalena negra

Material: knitted fabricSize: S/MWeight: 125g..

34.00€ Ex Tax: 34.00€

Mahara africa tunica

Material: knitted fabricSize: MWeight: 100 g..

35.00€ Ex Tax: 35.00€

Mahara marine

Material: knitted fabricSize: XSWeight: 300 g..

70.00€ Ex Tax: 70.00€

Malachite Queen

Material: knitted fabric with hand-made laceWeight: 450gSize: L (M)..

110.00€ Ex Tax: 110.00€

Mara azul top

Material: atlas with elastanSize: XSWeight: 75 g..

18.00€ Ex Tax: 18.00€

Mara blanco top

Material: cottonSize: XSWeight: 75g..

15.00€12.00€ Ex Tax: 12.00€

Mara rosa top

Material: knitted fabricSize: XSWeight: 75g..

15.00€10.00€ Ex Tax: 10.00€

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