About me

     Since 2005, when I started to dance tango it occupies an increasingly important place in my life. At the moment, all my life goes around tango - I am a dancer, teacher, organizer of milongas and encuentros, TDj and a designer of tango clothes.

     My experience contacting with many and very different ladies allows me to create dresses that are practical, comfortable and emphasize beautiful female forms and decorate their movements.

     Just as me, my designed clothes changes continuously - they become more subtle with more nuances, more playful but also remain simple and practical.

     In my collection you will find mostly clothes for social tango, as well as more subtle dresses for special events and scene tango.

    All clothes are unique; they are available only for a single copy and only in one size. You will not meet any other lady in the milonga with the same dress!

    But if you cannot find the dress that 100% suits you, you can order me individual clothing - according to your idea or already existing model from another material or color, with additional details or just opposite... In this case, please, write me personally.

    I am also interested in cooperation and new ideas. Please, contact me if you would like to become a distributor of my designed clothes in your country. I am open to different offers, including sale in tango events (encuentros, marathons, festivals etc.)

  With love,

  Ieva Drevina